July 3, 2007

On Jun 19, 2007 – I asked readers of bwarren.com to give me a song idea and I would write and record one based on the information given.

On Jun 30, 2007 – ‘Jenrock’ wrote – “Write a song about our significant others being out of town and us thus conspiring to take over the world together!”

On Jul 02, 2007 – I finished Takeover.mp3 and uploaded it with these comments:

Started this one Sat. afternoon from Jen’s suggestion. I took the challenge because I’m in training to try and write and record a ‘song’ in a day. I completed this in roughly 72 hours with a lot of time out for Bar-B-Queing and BS’ing… I do need to work on getting my time down some before new website is launched (benwarrenmusic.com) and the real do or die challenge begins on Aug.1 – The song was fun to do although listening back it’s a bit weak. The lyrics (again) were the most difficult part. Underdeveloped ideas in the verses’ and the cliched chorus (takeover the world) bother me but hey you have Jen to blame for that! Some changes to the lyrics and the song could be read as an indictment of the Bush regime with the 2nd pre-chorus lyric changed to “someday we’ll execute the man”…


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