Harry Potter and the Lifted Curse of the Unknown Musician

July 15, 2007

Harry Potter and the Lifted Curse of the Unknown Musician.mp3

I can’t lie this one took 4 days…

I got stuck in the details, the weekend hit, and I had a computer crash. But no excuses – I’m back to the ‘Every Other Day Jam’ (song finished in 48 hours) on Monday.
Harry Potter is everywhere, so when I woke up on Thursday it was on my mind and I built this song around it.

Dear JK I had to finally move to the states once school was over
I hope you understand I’m leaving England for a spell (no pun)

Packed my wand
And flew my broom across the pond to new york city
for a colony of art if it exists

Answered a craigs list ad
For a roommate wanted on the lower east side
It’s so much safer there since Guiliani time

I’m not that kid you wrote about in your dime store novels
I’m not that kid I’ve given up my throne

You wont believe – I just moved in with the freakiest guy
The two of us live in a flat near Tompkins square

This guys is strange because he writes these
songs that nobody listens to
spends all day recording music noone hears!

It broke my heart
So late one night I snuck into his room
Silently Broke out my wand and cast a spell

So write this book!

harry p lifts the curse off the unknown soldier
a bit of wizardry and now he takes success in stride

now we have a band and we play in the village every other weekend
and I’m marketing
success spells to get your band signed

It feels real better than the villans the witches and the phonies
Towards the end you almost had me fighting crime!


One Response to “Harry Potter and the Lifted Curse of the Unknown Musician”

  1. J.K. Says:

    Dear Mr. Warren,

    I feel honored that you wrote a song about my beloved Harry Potter. I don’t know if the release of the film “Order of The Phoenix” inspired you to write this song on the week the film debuts in your country. Perhaps it the imminent release of my 7th book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    Whatever the case I and my entire Harry Potter family wish you the best of luck with your song a day project.



    p.s. say hello to Gina for me

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