August 3, 2007

In the park near where I live there is a water fountain underneath a Doric columned marble structure. It has the words – hope, faith and charity printed on three of the four sides. It has a statue on top. For todays jam I used the word charity which I spotted on the structure as I sipped my coffee yesterday morning.
What does that word ‘charity’ mean anymore besides a tax break for the rich? Or a tithe on the religious…?
This song is a beckoning for the spirit behind the word charity to come fill me with it’s grace.



6 Responses to “Charity”

  1. marcofrezza Says:

    …this song sounds solid being that it took only 2 days to write, compose, and record…by the way a friend of mine (who signed me up on saturday morning) told me about your project… I liked the Harry Potter Song… is there anything in the works about a tribute to Lindsay Lohan… I think she’s one of the most important news stories of the modern day (NOT…) someone just told me about a blog called it’s a blog that gets 8 million hits a day…I feel proud to be a human/American when I know that this number of people are leading and supporting such an noble movement thus making this world a better place…I gotta go my paper boy just delivered my morning enquirer and my coffee is getting cold…

  2. gina Says:

    bravo ben! congrats on completing song numero uno!!

  3. Ben Warren Says:

    Thanks for your comments. Actually there is a song in the works about LL…hers is a sad story…a little less so than the genocide in Darfur though.

  4. mugs Says:

    Nice one man! Way to kick it off with a nice countrified rock jam šŸ™‚ – only 14 more to go! I got your back bro…

  5. Ben Warren Says:

    Right 14 more to go…you make it sound like tooth extractions though…this is supposed to be fun – I think….

  6. mugs Says:

    Yes, i will assist in any tooth extractions you may wish to undertake

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