mister sunshine eyes

August 5, 2007

I felt handcuffed on this one due to the self-imposed time restraints. I think I had a lot of good ideas that didn’t get connected and I had to make a lot of abrupt edits just to get it out the door to ya’ll by midnight.

but hey

Ours is not to reason why – ours is to do and die.

mister sunshine eyes.mp3


5 Responses to “mister sunshine eyes”

  1. mugs Says:

    yeah – i’m liking it, dude. definitely not fully realized but what you’ve got here is the kernel to a very good song. This one’s worth coming back to after you’re done with the month and spending some more time developing it.

  2. Ben Says:

    I felt like all the details, the arrangement, the transitions were all trudged over, trampled on in the effort to finish. Just like my lovemaking!
    Thanks for tuning in Mr. Muggs.

  3. The Weekend Caller! Says:

    Another “Musical Painting” (…because it’s like you are putting up super visual wallpaper in both my ears when I listen to this song)…this wall paper will be difficult to remove as you are using super sticky mood glue via lyrics. tempo, breaks, and bridges… in other words… I like… keep it up…

    – Wall Paper in my ears “Jackson”

    p.s. this song will become a classic on this blog Mr. Ben Warren…you heard it “hear” first

  4. Ben Warren Says:

    I like the way you think! Try to get in a few more calls before work….

  5. Mike Says:

    Now here is the song that you will be humming days later while you wonder where you heard that song.

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