American Brains

August 7, 2007

You know that feeling…like when you have to write and record a song in 48 hours?

american brains.mp3


3 Responses to “American Brains”

  1. The Weekend Caller! Says:

    Nice…I like this one too… spot on… you’ve captured and trapped an important idea here…(only for a moment though, because those non listeners will eventually go on to make more American brains that will escape and disappear back in the Americana Pop Wilderness of heads..)


  2. Ben Warren Says:

    weekend caller it seems we are on the same page politically. I had a crude line in there originally with ‘shit for brains’ in one of the verses but I don’t really like that phrase. one of the deleted verses had me referencing tyra banks weight and how she dresses her dog…a pink poodle..that was supposed to be for you…

  3. mugs Says:

    it’s a nice idea… good lyric. where’s my trips?

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