this trains for makin’ love

August 13, 2007

this trains for makin’ love.mp3

The next best thing to having sex is riding the subway. Don’t you know? You can sit back surrounded by the opposite sex – your body gently rocking to and fro with the motion of the swaying train – your mind also rockin’, free to create sexual scenarios with strangers various and sundry.
All for 2 dollars.
What would be perfectly acceptable family viewing at the beach or even at the super-bowl, becomes a mania producing flash of adult content – flesh caught – as legs are crossed or a particular angle is cross-haired.
Most of the time a sighting is dumb luck, which of course only adds to its allure.
Partners, hipsters, enemies, or all of the above.
We ride – late night – L train. This trains for makin’ love.
You stand, about to get out of the car at the Prospect Park stop in Brooklyn. You look down, courteously minding your step, when suddenly you see the white tops of two breasts plopped out on an under-wire plate, a push-up bra forcing them – extending them – out of the unbuttoned top of your fellow straphanger’s shirt and offered like eggs at brunch.
There’s a sultriness in the air of most subway situations too…or maybe it’s the smell of stultifying garbage.. but it seems to me like everybody is checking everybody out, and not just to rob them.
It’s the great equalizer, mass transit. No class or income distinctions, fancy dinner reservations don’t matter down here ma’am. Nothing to prevent a l i t t l e brush with reality.
Homeless, the mentally ill, the poor Chinese immigrant selling batteries and multicolored flashing electronic doo-dads for a dollar.
Sure turn your nose at me now but you just bought cheap shoes made by my sister in a ‘real’ store.
Nothing can be hidden so I’m a lookin’ at you Wall Street Woman, your not in your element nor I in mine, but we share this rockin’ car we ride through the dark underground tunnels of love.
This trains for makin’ love.
This trains for makin’ love.


One Response to “this trains for makin’ love”

  1. gina Says:

    oooohhhhh….sultry…..and all for 2 bucks!

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