August 23, 2007

What’s up with you trying to be black? What’s up with that?



6 Responses to “Wigger”

  1. ex-honky Jackson Says:

    Werd Up!!!

    The super fast and steady groove on this one makes me feel like an ex-honky in the front seat of the cyclone roller coaster at coney island.

    Peace Brutha Ben


  2. Ben Warren Says:

    ‘ex-honky’ because the wind from being in the front seat of the cyclone wiped away all racial traits? or another reason?

  3. gina Says:

    heeee!!! like the pic

  4. gina Says:

    p.s. my 1st boyfriend was a wigger

  5. Not Pho Nee Says:

    I just want to say for the record… any of you clowns who read these comments and then don’t post a comment… you’re just a phoney and you’ll always be a phoney… your parents were probably phonies too… it comes from upbringing…

    Post a comment now and renounce your phoney ancestry!!!

    Mr. Not Pho Nee

  6. jenrock Says:

    I’m posting a comment, ya happy now!?!??!

    But in all sincerity, nice job Ben, you must feel rather accomplished by now, what will how well you’ve kept this up.

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