C The Deuce

August 29, 2007

C the deuce.mp3

5 Responses to “C The Deuce”

  1. Big Fan Says:

    I’m craving a little more bass on this track.
    It’s a good start though.
    This song has the potential to blossom into a nice flower like mosh pit.
    It has the energy, groove, and wave big enough for us all to ride on in a live show.

    – keep going, don’t stop

    Whitey Jackson

    p.s. Ben. Beware of the dwarf.

  2. mugs Says:

    hmph… this comes dangerously close to a cheat.

  3. Ben Warren Says:

    This song is definately in progress and hardly finished. Stay tuned for bigger bass than LL poppin out of large Vegas speakers…working on a ‘C The Deuce’ album now and it will leave a footprint like sasquatch.
    And Mugs as far as this being a cheat, a reference to the fact that I have performed this song with differing lyrics several times. I only wish you could have been in a mini-helicopter hovering over my peripatetic body as I walked and feverishly wrote and re-wrote lyric after lyric to adhere to the twisted race change theme while conforming to the handcuffing rythmical arrangement I’d already set for myself – you bastard!

  4. mugs Says:

    Right – “wrote and re-wrote,” “arrangement I’d already set for myself,” etc. I do appreciate the amount of work you put into “re-working” a track that you have never technically released, but this was hardly a “soup to nuts in two days” production. On the grounds of the accomplishment in and of itself, however, I tip my hat to you with no reservations.

    You bastard!

  5. ben Says:

    I should have never let you hear those demo’s!!

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