September 1, 2007


This is the final song of August’s “Every Other Day Jam.”

It has been an insane month. Thanks to everybody who listened!

6 Responses to “Slipping”

  1. Whitey Jackson Says:

    Congratulations on your month long marathon Benny. Thanks for giving us something to tune in to every other day… this ending piece brings the project to a somber ending, even though I prefer to think of the ending as the begining to something bigger… I hope you resume the benny factory soon…

    p.s. I ran into {these guys} the other day. They said you made a rare public appearance at some concert… they said they got their photo taken with you and had your infamous kitty video from your what’s up videos show ( ) programed into their i-phones. That video is hillarious, now I know why over 100,000 people have watched it…

    Thanks Whitey Jackson

  2. Ben Warren Says:

    Hey Whitey thanks for your supporting comments throughout this month! Do you want me to book an appointment with Dr. Z for you? Can I ask…are you black or white?

  3. Whitey Jackson Says:

    If you must know, I’m both… I’m a Black Albino. So, using Doctor Z’s services would be sort of counter productive for my situation boyeeeeeeeeee!

    But thanks for the kind thought.


  4. gina Says:

    Congrats Ben! You are amazing {in bed}!!

  5. mugs Says:

    Indeed congratulations are in order for your incredible accomplishment! I know I gave you a hard time occasionally, but you did manage to sweat through all the writers blocks and self-doubts and moments of struggle to complete the goal you set out to do at the beginning of the month; a song written and recorded every other day for 30 days. that’s pretty impressive! And I doubt very many could match your production levels if they were to try this stunt themselves.

    Top marks! (in bed)

  6. Ben Warren Says:

    i love you. Thanks mugs. I think.

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