Mango Video

September 3, 2007

mango video

4 Responses to “Mango Video”

  1. Whitey Jackson Says:


    I’m a super visual person my self so this is icing on the cake!!! Simple, perfectly timed to the lyrics, and of course short and sweet. This takes this project to a whole nother level. I love the zoom up on the fibrous fruit at the end…BRILLIANT shot choice!!!

    Keep it up!!!


  2. Ben Warren Says:

    THX WJX.
    I thought of you as I filmed this. Video is where we are both going. Tried to shoot this quick and dirty in one day… guerrilla…. using whatever was on hand to see if it could be done. Shot about 10 minutes of fairly focused video based on the context of the song. Easy right? Mango, Girl.

    Not so easy. Threw everything into imovie. Which is great because it breaks up whatever you import into it into discrete ‘clips’ then I threw them into some order. Sped up or slowed down stuff and effected everything and colorized (no pun) to take that flat video look off. So it was done in one day but it was quite a workout.

  3. mugs Says:

    Yeah you wouldn’t think this video was done in one day unless you actually watched it. Seriously tho, lots of fun – you should definitely do more videos to your songs in your “guerilla” style… that came out pretty well all things considered. Do more!

  4. Whitey Jackson Says:

    – Thanx for the video help tonight…brutha…


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