Mrs. M

October 3, 2007

First Song in the War Stories series.

Mrs. M.mp3

war stories

3 Responses to “Mrs. M”

  1. Captain 3play Says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this project… now it’s begun…

    This song is catchy to my ears… its rythm, bass, and beat have begun to stick to my ears… kind of edgy too… one question is this project going to be pro war or anti war or neither? Is this decided yet?



  2. juan Says:

    Hey…think this is a great idea.

    Picked up a postcard on the subway, here in NYC. and came to check it out.

    I was wondering if you have written music similar to what you’re now doing for soldiers, but for Aids victims. You know, compose a song from info provided by friends and families of victims fallen by the decease. Something like the Quilt Idea but in music.

  3. juliette Says:

    Great idea Juan! I really like the idea of a theme albulm, especially one that has a meaningful purpose…maybe you can consider this for your next project???

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