“I am Ben Warren. I am a songwriter. I live in Manhattan’s East Village. I am Caucasian, 38, single, richer than half the world. I hope to be huge after I’m dead.”


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Max Ash Says:

    Ben Warren is the coolest person ever. It is a fact. If you do not believe me look it up in your nearest encyclopedia brittanica or dictionary. The most common definition for a Ben Warren is: BEN WARREN (v): 1. Professional coolest person ever who somehow is a verb. He rules the world but most people don’t know it yet. He will bring forth awesomeness to this world. He is a man among men and he writes rad songs too boot. He is….Benjamin Warren.

  2. Rachel Ash Says:

    Ben Warren rocks my world and I miss him terribly. Ben, wherever you are…. I’m thinking of you…..Please post some What’s Up? gigs on the site.
    Rachel Ash

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